Perpetua Recycled Graphite Pencil


Perpetua® was constructed without destroying any living trees. Writes like a pencil graphite, but different from other pencils: It is made with a new technological and innovative material composed of 80% recycled graphite with a special rubber polymer casing. Perpetua is versatile, non-toxic, sharpenable and fitted with an eraser available in three colors. A unique object and veritable revolution in writing completely “Made in Italy”. Perpetua®: a new stroke in the world of tomorrow.

**When choosing color you are choosing the color of the Eraser, all pencils are graphite and write the same color line.**

  • Versatile, clean, non-toxic, sharpenable, shock resistant, and able to write even without the tip
  • Constructed without destroying any living trees
  • Writes without wearing
  • Fitted with a food grade eraser
  • Made of recycled industrial graphite