Ogami Stone Paper Wire Bound Quotes 8x10" Notebooks


A Spiral Bound 8x10" Lined Page Note Book.

Ogami notebooks were created in Milan, Italy, using a revolutionary---100% tree free paper. Repap®; or stone paper, is made entirely from limestone and ecological resins. This innovative process produces a paper that is whiter, smoother, tear-resistant, waterproof and more durable than traditional paper. And writing on this paper is amazing – it doesn't matter if you’re using a fancy fountain pen or an everyday ballpoint, it’s as if, the pen is floating across the paper.

What makes the Ogami notepad range special is that they are made not of paper, but of...stone. Amazing huh? This revolutionary stone paper is called REPAP and consists of 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and 20% non-toxic resin (HDPE High Density Polyethylene). The calcium carbonate derives from material recovered from quarries and building industry waste. Its reduced to a fine powder and mixed with special non-toxic resins to create REPAP stone paper.

The Ogami notepad series is beautifully designed in Milan. 

Pair with a Fisher Space Pen for the most versatile writing experience you can have. Write anywhere in just about any condition; rain, upside down, in space and continuously write. Go Green---Go Ogami.



If it's worth writing let it be written in stone. 

For your sacred thoughts, let them be written in stone---Ogami notebooks.