Limited Edition Spider Man Desk Set


This is a one of a kind desk set. Hand Made Artisan Work. Edition 1 of 1.
The piece weighs two pounds and stands on a marble base at 8 inches tall  and 7 5/8 inches long and 3 inches wide.
The set is composed of five different mediums. withSpider-man himself in  solid yellow bronze. 
Spider-man's symbols and eyes are in sterling silver, as well as,  the web coming out of  his hand---which holds the pen. The i-beam is cast of solid copper.
Beneath the web there's a sterling silver  manhole which helps the pen balance and lends the  touch of the city which Spider-man keeps safe.
The inkwell has a sterling silver cap which resembles Spider-man's mask; hand painted with black and red enamel. The web around the glass is also sterling silver.
The pen is hand-made and was carved in four pieces. The front section, body and cap are yellow bronze. The cap and body are overlaid with a sterling silver web and in the center of the cap is a 14K yellow gold spider symbol. On one end of the pen is set a genuine sapphire cabochon and on the other a ruby. The pen is finished in hand painted red and blue Spider-man colors.