Ciak Smartbook Notebooks


Ciak smart  is an innovative notebook which allow you to organize your notes and your meeting in a very smart way. It is a new concept book which includes a calendar, a lined notebook with page numbers and a contact list. Choose from 5 colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or Orange) and 2 sizes, 5x7" or 6x8".

Write your notes and find them quickly

  1. write your notes on the lined numbered pages

  2. enter the page on the index

  3. search the title of your notes on the index and go to the required page

Mark down your appointments

  1. with a pencil fill the cells of the perpetual calendar with the numbers of the days
  2. mark down your daily appointments
  3. at a glance, look at your appointments on the calendar
  4. the year after, erase and update the number of the days on the cells and continue to use the Smart notebook for one more year.

Find the notes of your meetings

  1. write your notes on the lined numbered pages
  2. mark the page of your notes next to the meeting entered on the calendar
  3. search and find the meeting on the calendar and quickly go to the page marked to read your notes


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