Ab Intra Pen


Ab Intra. (Latin: From Within.)  If pens be our swords, ink our blood, our destiny need not be death and destruction.  Let our words lead us to liberty and love. 

The swords on top of the shield transform in to pen nibs as they exit the bottom of the shield. 

Perfect  gift for for writers and those that seek to engage change, "From Within." Also a favorite with attorneys and those in the judicial branch. Reach for Inspiration!

The rollerball refill is universally available. Order through us, or simply take the refill to your local pen or stationery store and have them match up the profile of the refill which may or may not match the brand, which is up to you. 

The fountain pen comes with an ink converter to allow you to use bottle ink or to efficiently flush clean the pen with water from time totime.You may use international size ink cartridges, if you prefer.



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