Bronze Pendora Skull Pen


Bronze Pendora. Cast from Bronze with with a steel nib or as a roller ball.

Also available in Limited Edition Sterling Silver & Gold. Only a few left! Please call for pricing. Writing isn't dead---using a boring pen is. 

"The skull to me is a reminder to live life!"
The Skulls admonish the walking dead (those unconsciously walking through and past their true desires in life) to wake up and take responsibilty, have gratitude and gusto for the gift of the here and now (the only time on this beautiful earth that we are truly guaranteed), which is aptly called The Present. 

A favorite of many Doctors, Pathologist and those in the medical field. Perfect for those to busy living too worry about the inevitability of dying.  

Reach for Inspiration! 

The rollerball refill is universally available. Order through us, or simply take the refill to your local pen or stationery store and have them match up the profile of the refill the brand is your choice. 

The fountain pen comes with two ink cartridges. It is not compatible for use with a bottle ink converter.  

Takes 2 to 3 weeks to cast. 

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